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Side Stream Filters / Side Stream Filtration for Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are the essential part of any cooling systems that serves the comfort cooling. It works effectively only when the heat transfer surface is clean.

The water that re-circulates in the cooling towers is extremely in large volumes which easily gets contaminated with the various dust particles and many broken remains of rusted materials that coming out from the heat exchangers. These all waste particles when settles down in the surface of the cooling tower pond or heat exchangers dramatically results in lower down the performance of cooling tower circuit. Here, the side stream filter plays a significant role to clean the waste out.

The side stream filters are framed with unique designs to ensure the effective and efficient removal of suspended particles and maintain the healthy conditions of the cooling tower plus the heat exchangers.

Available size

Subham SSFs are available in the size having diameter from 0.22 Mts. to 4.0 Mts. vertically and horizontally from 3.0 Mts. mm to 11 Mts. It has a flow rate up to 500 M3/hr. These are pre-assembled units benefits in minimum installation and start-up cost.

Why Side Stream Filter is required in cooling water system?

  • - Collects the waste solids on the porous surface and removes it through filtration
  • - Requires in line filtration to make up the water
  • - The process of SSFs reduces the suspended particles to an extensive and acceptable level
  • - It removes all the debris and dust that is produced due to the chemical addition
  • - The holdup volume of system should be filtered at least once in 50 hours
  • - SSF (Side Stream Filter) is used in recirculating the cooling water system

What are the developed reasons for today's water crisis?

Water is the most essential element for all living thing on this earth. Water is used for daily activities by living beings such as drinking, bathing, washing, cleaning, cooking, etc. It is used in every residential and commercial area.

Till date, it has been assumed that the water is from natural sources and for free. Due, to mismanagement of water and pollution caused to it results in the depletion of the water.

And, much of the water is gradually wearing away industrial pollution, chemicals, algae deposits, sewage, etc. The per capita availability of good and healthy drinking water is diminishing in all the developed and undeveloped countries.